Muffins (nategoering) wrote in wu_mu_history,

Fed up

I've been thinking a lot lately about being a music major. Even though i know one of our teachers is going to see this, I'm just gonna lay it all out there and say how i feel and then ask you guys about it. I'm not really enjoying my field of study anymore. I don't know where its going to take me, and I don't really like the limited options i feel like i have for employment after school. I wanted to get into music in college, some because I wanted to be a better performer, but mostly because I wanted to understand the inner workings of music so I could make my own or be better at what I am performing. But in three years I have learned a broad history of composers and time periods, a lot about forms and structure of music (of which wouldn't really apply too much today to anything except for being able to tell the difference between a classical sonata and a baroque piece in binary form), how to hold 20 or so instruments correctly (but not necissarily how to play them), how a thousand different rehearsals are run (if i decide i want to attend those on the side for the rest of my life), and just a simple understanding of basic tonal music along with a few quick examples of what some a-tonal music of a certain type might sound like but not how to make anything interesting of those types myself. I feel as if I would have locked myself in my room for 10 hours a day for 3 years with an internet and full of resources, and then read, experimented, played, and composed I would have a better and more applicable understanding of music then what I have now. What do you guys think? What will you do after you graduate? Is your music education really teaching you what you desire to know?
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